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Chicken Life Cycle Curriculum and Hatching Kit

Chicken Life Cycle Curriculum and Hatching Kit

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Chicken Life Cycle Curriculum + Hatching Kit

chicken egg hatching life cycle curriculum

Educational Life Cycle Full Curriculum Kit 


PDF Printable Curriculum - Adaptable based on student's developmental age/grade. Just print the pages, games and worksheets that you deem appropriate for your learner! Upper elementary school and middle school grades will be able to use all curriculum while little ones and older learners might need more adaptation. Fun facts, a creative writing activity and puzzles will get your learner excited about experiencing the amazing life cycle of chickens.

Egg Incubator: Automatic heating and turning incubator for 12 fertilized eggs. LED Light Egg Candler also included! Check the progress of your growing eggs with the ability to see through the shell. Additional hygrometer to check accuracy of humidity and temperature is also included. Heated Chick Brooder will keep new baby chicks warm as they grow! 

A voucher for 12 fertile eggs, order when you are ready! Chickens, like any pets, are a big decision and you'll need time to prepare a chicken coop or make after hatching plans. Please reach out if you need resources to come up with a plan in the event you cannot or would prefer not have your own backyard flock of these fun and intelligent fur-balls o'feathers.  The average hatch rate of fertile eggs is 50 - 75 percent. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any eggs will hatch and in the unlikely event that you do experience this, let us know and we'll get you some more eggs! Perfect for boy scouts and girl scouts, homeschooling, a small co-op group, classroom or youth groups. An awesomely unique and educational gift idea, just get mom and dad's permission first!

What to expect:

Contact us to download your digital files. This will include your voucher for fertile chicken eggs. Expect packages to arrive at different times. Your hatching kit will arrive in approximately 2 weeks. Resources on hatching and raising chicks will be provided. The fertilized eggs will not be ordered until you contact us to request them.

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