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Circuit Blox™ Lights Student Set + E-Blox® Curriculum

Circuit Blox™ Lights Student Set + E-Blox® Curriculum

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Circuit Blox™ Lights Student Set + E-Blox® Curriculum

Curriculum addresses NGSS requirements
Includes one Circuit Blox Lights Starter product
Use in classroom or with virtual e-learning
39 page Teacher Guide with Curriculum Lessons, Quizzes and
Quiz Answer sheet
Lesson 1 – Shapes
Lesson 2 – Building Fundamentals
Lesson 3 – Electricity, Energy, Light & Sound
Lesson 4 – Using Light to Communicate

This kit provides hours of fun and educational play for kids 8 and up. The colorful transparent building blocks allow lights to pass through them, creating a dazzling display of colorful lights, bringing your creation to life!

An instruction sheet is included which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to connect the sound activated module, multi-LED module, and battery block together. Once those are connected, simply stack the transparent spacer blocks in
any configuration and watch your creation light up in different colors and dance when you play music or speak to it!

The kit includes a voice/sound controller module, color changing lamp module, battery block, and 25 transparent plastic spacers.

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