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Liquid Motion Sensory Disk 4pk

Liquid Motion Sensory Disk 4pk

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NeuroConfection's sensory disks allow you to experience a most mesmerizing show right in the palm of your hand! They are very durable, light weight, and travel well. The unique design fits into the palm of your hand for perfect control of motion. Tilt from left to right, up or down, swivel it in circles, or shake it up. The possibilities are endless. Students who benefit from fidget tools, sensory breaks and tactile input will love these! They make an excellent addition to any therapy office or classroom.

Set includes four unique and calming tools. Sensory disks are individually handmade! Disks and domes may contain small parts. These items are not toys and are not intended for small children. Adult supervision is always required. Small batch Made in the USA. Thank you for supporting small women-owned businesses like NeuroConfections whose items are created by neurodivergents!

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