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Picklebert's Activity Book Set

Picklebert's Activity Book Set

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Teachers and therapists, you’re going to love Picklebert! Come to think of it, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Picklebert!

Activity Set Includes:

  • Ready-to-print ABC find and seek flash cards
  • Picklebert’s memory matching game
  • Picklebert’s adoption papers
  • Short story: Queen Picklebert’s Royal Adventure
  • Fun and interesting facts about pickles and the pickling process
  • And of course…Picklebert! 8lbs of handmade, crocheted, weighted goodness.

Weighted tools have shown remarkable benefits in aiding individuals dealing with anxiety and ADHD. The added weight provides a comforting, grounding sensation, which can help reduce anxiety by promoting relaxation and a sense of security. Moreover, for those with ADHD, these tools can enhance focus and attention by providing sensory feedback that helps regulate restlessness and improve concentration. By offering a gentle, deep pressure, weighted tools offer a valuable and non-invasive method for managing symptoms and promoting a sense of calm for individuals living with anxiety and ADHD.

Handmade by Laynie in Wichita, KS. Thank you for shopping small this season and supporting neurodivergent families when you shop at the Sensory Site. Please reach out to or a leave a note at checkout if you’d prefer Picklebert in gussied up (darker) green.

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