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PreK-1st Grade Movement-Based Curriculum Bundle

PreK-1st Grade Movement-Based Curriculum Bundle

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Create a kinesthetic learning experience & Provide multi-sensory and Movement-based lesson plans with this exciting new favorite! Montessori educators, special education teams and neurotypical preschool settings will all benefit from and appreciate these excellent tools. This inclusive bundle makes it easy to address multiple OT goals at home or in the classroom. These educational tools address lagging skills for neurodiverse kiddos and offer FUN opportunities for all users to improve upon the following.

Cognitive Thinking Skills
Sequencing & Planning
Communication & Cooperation
Fine Motor & Visual Perception
Finger and Grasp Strength
Gross Motor Development & Safety Awareness

Simplay3 has created a line of durable, economical and easy to clean therapeutic play and learning equipment. We love the gross motor development opportunities and sensory play that these inclusive childrens items provide in the classroom or at home! Even better, each product is MADE IN THE USA! This bundle is especially curated for PreK-1st grade students (due to size of products) who benefit from tactile input, vestibular stimulation and sensory play. Also especially good for littles who need engaging, hands-on learning tools and the ability to move or fidget while learning.

Big River and Roads Water Play Table

Learning through Water Play with Simplay3!
Let them splash, fill, pour and play! Practice filling the buckets and watch the water flow through the water wheel; learn water words like puddle, drip, flow and spin; talk about waves and currents, sinking or floating boats and the gravity that pulls toy cars down the hill. A fun STEM learning experience in the power of water and the science of momentum! It can also come inside for sensory play when the weather turns colder.

With room to roam, the Big River & Roads Water Play Table accommodates many children and offers lots of opportunities to navigate on land and sea, up and down steep valley ramps, through winding canals and under bridges for maximum water table fun! Featuring 4 toy boats and boat docks, two moveable bridges, 2 pouring cups, a water tower with spinning water wheel, 2 toy cars and many pathways for both boats and cars to travel, this raised water and track table is the perfect multipurpose activity playset. The unique, in & out shaped table makes it big enough for kids and their friends to play and collaborate, but also allows individual children to reach across the table to access all play spaces. It's also easy for parents to assemble, clean and drain, and will provide hours of family fun!

Rock Around Wobble Disk

Hold on tight for a rock, wobble, and 360 degree spin adventure with the Simplay3 Rock Around Wobble Disk! Kids 2 years and up can rock and wobble solo; or have a parent, friend, or big brother/sister add to the fun with a playful spin. Molded in hand grips provide extra stability and a safety ring wraps around the middle of the toy saucer to help limit extreme wobbling! Made in the USA.

Rock & Roll Teeter Totter

The Rock & Roll Teeter Totter is a colorful modern take on a classic teeter totter toy with a Simplay3 twist. Kid friendly rounded edges, easy grip handles, and wide contoured seats with high backrests complete this unique design. Children can even flip the teeter totter over for active and imaginative tunnel play crawling fun, indoors or outdoors!

Rocking Bridge

See saw fun for up to 4 riders, with two seat levels to accommodate toddlers and kids. Molded in side rail grips allow children to hold on securely with stability and comfort on even the rockiest of rides. Flip over for climbing adventures. Low to the ground with gently arching sides, this 5 step bridge encourages little climbers to navigate heights with confidence, building coordination, balance, and helping imaginations to peak! Made in the USA.

Rushing River Falls Water Play Table

This expandable inline cascading water table offers multi-level, all-around play so many children can play together. Fill it up once and it’s ready for action or attach a hose for continual water flow and fill & spill play! Two tipping buckets and flowing channels make for dynamic cause and effect STEM play that splashes down all 3 levels, pushing waves and boats down to the next level in a rush of water!

Many students learn best while doing and these tools provide invaluable vestibular stimulation and tactile input. At The Sensory Site, we believe that all children (and big kids too!) should be provided a multi-sensory learning experience. Students on an IEP especially benefit from accommodations and equipment designed to support vestibular needs, occupational therapy goals and sensory diets. Please reach out to if you need support obtaining these type of accommodations for your student. Flat Rate $7.99 shipping on all purchases. PO's accepted. 

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