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Weighted Lap Pad Puppy Plush

Weighted Lap Pad Puppy Plush

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Sensory Weighted 5lb Lap Pad for Kids has a plush animal cover that is machine washable with a removable lap pad inside.

Calming Influence: Super soft plush weighted lap pad offers gentle deep pressure comfort; relieving anxiety improving attentiveness

Increase Focus: Soothing dual textures, high pile plush on one side and silky-smooth shorter length on the other combine with a weighted interior to increase concentration

Relieves the Wiggles: Provides unique feeling of well-being so kids are more secure inside, and can be more comfortable and confident outside

Easily Washable: 15x14” exterior is machine washable, and the inner weighted pad is removable and can be cleaned with a sponge and soap

Sensory Comfort: The therapeutic sensory relief is beneficial for all kids including those with ADHD, autism, and sensory processing disorder

Safety Tested: For ages 3+

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